The Meaning of Albanian Verbs Lëviz (Move) Eci (Walk) Vrapoj (Run) and Hidhem (Jump) An Experimental Study

Shefqet Shyti


This paper will focus on the verbs that describe the movement of humans. It is an area of activity which all humans experience and it can be organized according to three patterns related to movement on land: Albanian ‘Eci’ (walk), ‘Vrapoj’ (run) and ‘Hidhem’ (jump). Walking is the default motor pattern for humans; it is the typical way in which people move. Other ways of moving, such as running and jumping, happen less frequently because normally we do not run or jump to go to a place. The paper presents an experimental study on these verb categories and its main purpose is (a) to examine the features which define the motor patterns mentioned above in the Albanian verbs ‘Eci’ (walk), ‘Vrapoj’ (run) and ‘Hidhem’ (jump) in addition to the general category ‘Lëviz’ (move).

Keywords: human locomotion, lëviz (move), eci (walk), vrapoj (run), hidhem (jump).

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