The Process of Legalization of Informal Areas and People’s Real Life. Kamza’s Case

Alfred Halilaj


In this commentary will investigate with the process of legalization of informal areas in Albania. After 1990 the demographic movements were high. The incapacity of the state to control the free movement of the citizens, that in the end earned the right of ‘choosing the residence’;
their settlement was chaotic and unplanned. The space full of dwellings in all outskirts and big cities, whereas possible of economic force of everybody, is one of the major problem that the Albanian states faces these times. The number of buildings without permission in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania is estimated 400 thousand, which includes all categories of buildings, but most of them of housing nature. Facing this condition that surpasses a lot a local or isolated deviation, of law failing regarding the construction of dwellings, the only choice accepted by most of the pair, is the process of legalization. The dynamics of this process started with the adoption of the law nr.9482, date 3.4.2006, “For the legalization, urbanization and the integration of constructions without permission”, have been multilateral and lots of changes that implies most of the pair that have affected much in the outline of ratio between power and the government promises. The people’s real life continues under
the rhythm of Albanian society, some undaunted, some safe, some under the pressure of the process. Kamza is the first informal area with massive construction in Albania and such it serves as an inductive example to see the progress, but also to reach the generalizations as allow the frames of this commentary. A special interest will be paid to the experience of Kamza’s inhabitant cross through this process and the way they face the fact of being always under the pressure of the Legalization process, inside their state.

Keywords: legalization, illegal, pre-urban area, Informal area, peregrine, property, state, law.

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