Historical View of the Ottoman Primary Education Development in Albanian Vilayets (XIX-XX)

Hasan Bello


In the Ottoman Empire, part of which were also Albanians since XV century, primary education institutions existed almost in every neighborhood, village, and city. But their functioning in an organized manner began in XIX century. This was noticed as well in England, France, Russia, and is related to the birth of nationalism. These institutions were considered a means of citizen’s socializing and indoctrination with an official ideology and the spirit of obedience to the sovereign. Modernization of primary schools in the Ottoman state was a slow process. It was developed gradually through the development of the respective legislation and regulations which aimed at the establishment of an education system fulfilling the requirement of that time. A significant number of Ottoman elementary schools were established in Albanian vilayets. In these schools were educated children of the neighborhoods, villages, and towns that mostly came from Muslim families. This article elaborates upon the Ottoman primary education development in the XIX-XX Ottoman, by focusing mainly on Albanian vilayets.

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Albanian vilayets, elementary schools, modernization of education.

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