Links with of Phraseological Units with Extralinguistic Factors in the English and Uzbek Languages

Polvanova Salomat Turaevna


This article deals with the conceptual study of phraseological units and their connection with extralinguistic factors in the English and Uzbek languages. They are defined in the term of phraseological meaning in linguistics. The meaning which is transferred in cognition keeps cultural codes that inform us about different nation’s views. These imaginations in both nations are verbalized in the mind and they create linguistic world’s image. We made an attempt to analyze the existing classification of phraseological units in Uzbek and clarified that phraseological are considered as idioms in English. For us, the cultural signs give mythological, psychological, social, sports data and the cultural codes are the golden key which helps to open the gate to the unknown world. These codes speak about the nation’s history and etymology. A semiotic term that symbolizes the world is called as time cultural codes, place cultural codes, psychology cultural codes. The code of blue color represents different codes because the English or the Uzbek people nominate the things and objects differently in one hand. On the other hand, they perceive the world how it is made and how they are symbolized in their mind.

Keywords: concept, phraseological meaning, the cultural code, the figurative meaning, color cultural code.

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