Assessment of Pupils, Its Role and Importance in the New Curricular Approach

Gezim Bara


In this study we have addressed the evaluation of the students which is a key process of teaching and learning. It is the process of measuring performance and progress which highlights the value of knowledge work. Assessment as a process of merit and achievement judgment based on certain standards or criteria. Rating in teaching has to do with the process of the trial of the students, teachers and teaching methods. Assessment of students is an integral part of teaching and learning, whereby students understand how the have received the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in powers. Until recently evaluation in class is considered as a mechanism for providing an index learning, which has taken into account a model to predict where: teachers are teaching, and test the knowledge of students about certain content, judge for their achievements based on those "tests" and then continue with the new units. This assessment order called into question today because the social expectations of education today has changed, cognitive science have provided new results on the nature of learning and evaluation for the traditional role of the learning motivation is now challenged. In order to be as realistic in that they say for this process, we did a study in gymnasiums "Sami Frasheri, and" Qemal Stafa "Tirana, where studies have based on interviews by means of a questionnaire prepared for groups of teachers with work experience and new teachers who do not have work experience. Through these interviews, we extracted information on the extent of the level of knowledge of teachers for evaluation, properly to evaluate students themselves and the methods used during the process of teaching. Purpose: To highlight the degree of recognition of teachers to the process of evaluation and the role that plays this process in the work of teachers for planning and improvement of learning and to help pupils in raising the level of learning that they know the level of knowledge obtained as well as experience in assessing impacts students. Material and Methods: The material used is survey with a questionnaire prepared with the answers given questionnaire drawn poses problems.The method I choose is that of the interview, so the method of quantitative instruments.

Keywords: assessment, curriculum, method, testing, cognitive, survey
instrument, feedback.

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