The Representation of Women in the Albanian Ballads and in the Anglo-Saxon Ballads: A Comparative Approach

Fatmire Isaki


The aim of the present study is to pinpoint the corresponding and contrary ways of the depiction of women and their role in the ballads in both English and Albanian literature. The aim of this paper is to facilitate students and teachers of literature in investigating different ballads and provide them a general insight in the way literature has been treated in both languages. The main method applied in this paper is the comparative one since this paper includes two different cultures where these ballads emerge from. Even though the same form and structure are being shared by them, it is very significant to bring up that the representation of women in Anglo-Saxon ballads is quite different from the women in Albanian ballads. The paper will try to provide concrete examples and explanations in terms of the differences and similarities between these two types of ballads.

Keywords: ballad, similarities, differences, English, Albanian, etc.

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