Culture of Albania in Years (1928-1938)

Eriselda Sefa


Albania in the years 1928-1939 was marked by a period of great cultural development. Many Albanians who studied overseas in developed countries brought back best practices. There were developments in social and cultural affairs. Importance was given to reducing illiteracy by opening schools across the country. Literary and scientific books were written, translated, and published. The press played an important role in the revival of cultural life. During this period, newspapers and magazines were published across the country. Music and theater played a major role in cultural revival, with singers Marije Kraja e Tefta Tashko, as well as art and sculpture with the great sculptor Odhise Paskali. In June 1930, the Sports Federation was established.

Keywords: Cultural development, eradication of illiteracy, press, art, theater, music, sculpture, film, and the Albanian Sports Federation.

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