Metaphysical Dialogue between Philosophy and Music in Ancient Greece

Sunaj Raimi


The main aim of this study will be the comparative analysis of essential similarities between philosophical culture from one side and of musical art in the ancient Greece from another side. The current emphasis of this study will stand over different historical periods, where philosophy like a more sophisticated technique of people’s thoughts, together with the musical creativity like art itself is in the metaphysic aspect will be commonly sublimated together. As such, the substances of music like the spiritual creativity of a man has always been and has remained ones ‘confidential’ issue of philosophy, like the philosophy that has remained forever a pleasant music of human mentality! In this context, we will also talk about why philosophy and philosophers from all the artistic known forms of that time, the musical art they had appreciated like the most important creativity in the human social life. It is known that like the philosophy that aimed at formulating the moral character through deep analysis and smart wisdom, this music has made through harmonious tunes and relevant instruments.

Keywords: philosophical culture, ancient music and musical instrument, art, etc.

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