British Plans to Organize a Revolt in Northern Albania in Years 1940-1941

Armand Sheqi


British policy towards Albanians, at this time, was inspired by the writings of Miss Edith Durham, Margaret Hasluck and other figures who had lived in Albania during the regime of Ahmet Zogu. These were fueled sympathy for Albanians, concluded that Albania's political fate was determined more by North highlanders, who with their organization had more opportunities to act organized at war. Thus the key to organizing a resistance against Italy in Albania, by British policy, thought to be found in the north, planning activities driven here from Yugoslavia. This policy proved unsuccessful because not valued the role of Kosovo and Albanian nationalism, as a crucial weight factor in promoting war against the Italians and in establishing fair relations between Albania and Yugoslavia, to correct the injustices of the past. Trying to issue as worthless the mountainous terrain factor in the development of guerrilla warfare in Albania, linked this with “more backward political development of the Albanians”, was unfounded, prejudicial and an unrealistic look. As a consequence of introducing the game of interests greek-Yugoslav and prejudices of the most senior officials of the Foreign Office, efforts to promote fighting irregular as through agents M.I (R) as well as by S.I.S through section D, this service, proved unsuccessful. The failure of British attempts to act in Northern Albania was associated with the British mentality in the perception of Albania and the Albanian issue. By British author Reginald Hibbert noted that “In the early years of the war was underestimated Albanian nationalism and its significance in relation to its neighbors.” Great Britain was not worried about the invasion of Albanian lands from Greece after seeing Albania from a new angle of interest, in view of the connections with Greece.

Keywords: Albania, Great Britain, Resistance, “Albania question”, Revolt in northern Albania.

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