Investigation on Trichinellosis of pigs in Saranda District

Ada Papajani, Bejo Bizhga, Elisabeta Kondi, Ani Vodica, Valentin Shtjefni, Ilirian Kumbe


Trichinellosis caused by the Nematode Trichinella is a zoonotic disease which occurs worldwide and affects the broad range of different species including mammals, birds, and amphibians. Trichinella spiralis is found in production animals (pigs, horses) in temperate climate zones and can also be found in animals in close contact with these production animals (e.g. dogs, cats, rats). The PrioCHECK® Trichinella Ab is a reliable and fast diagnostic test for detection of antibodies against Trichinella in porcine serum and meat juice samples and can be used for monitoring and surveillance purposes.

Keywords: Trichinella, pig, diagnosis, ELISA, Saranda.

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