An Overview of Gender Identity Problems

Afërdita Deda


Being always the target of legends and literary writings, from the ancient Greek myths to Virgina Wolf‟s characters, the concept of gender identity, scientifically surveyed has been considered an enigma since years ‟50. A dispute which has involved all categories from the lawmakers to the simple people is related to the gender theories, identities and a lot of other themes that are not directly related to it, but has been part of different discussions (for ex. sexual orientation).The gender theory has had the power to polarize doctrine as it has been talked too much about it. From one hand the doctrine pretends that „sex‟ defines gender, and on the other hand the gender is not defined by „sex‟. According to them, female or male identity has not been taken from nature but has been created from society. Gender studies consist of an interdisciplinary field of researchers that deal with gender and the way how society at different times and different spaces, has interpreted the differences between masculine and feminine. So, at this way they have legitimated not only the inequality between man and woman but also refusing the civil rights of no hetero-sexualizes.There are bisexual, multi-sexual or transsexual organizations, where their doubting genitive identity is crucial for their survival. To characterize them not as natural behaviors means to ignore reality and intentionally choose to be against nature.

Keywords: gender, gender identity, transgender, homophobia, gender stereotypes.

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