Hemiplegy and Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation in Albania in Comparison with International Statistics

Aida Lako, Elda Cani, Rajmonda Bara, Blera Xhaferraj, Selda Veizaj


Objective: In this paper, I will explain in details the therapeutic plans, evaluation tabs, measurement problems, wich must be definitely applied in all the patients who suffer from hemiplegia. The most important are that this phenomenon in Albania is known just in recent years as compared to other countries, where rehabilitation has almost been applied for 50 years now. The goal of this thesis is to show how important is the patient’s rehabilitation and reintegration in his previous life. We have some statistic results which show than the patients treated improve better the disability, in comparison with 65% of not treated patients. Design: Physiotherapy for the hemiplegic patients. Setting. Neurology, Tirana City, Scientific statistics by “World Health Organization” Subjects: Knowledge increase on the effect of rehabilitation therapy for hemiplegic patients. Outcome: Prevalence of hemiplegia is a great health and social – economic problem. For this reason, the social and hospital structures should do more for the sensibilization of the population with regard to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation or put the patient in a suitable family, environmental and employment context. Conclusions: International studies in this thesis made possible to physiotherapists to have a new perception on hemiplegia. I think that these studies can help physiotherapists in Albania in order to make possible the reintegration of the patient in the social life, supported by the hospital and social structures.

Keywords: Hemiplegia, QSUT, WHO, Rehabilitation, Cerebral Stroke. 

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