Education through Media Literacy, Necessity of Modern Time Societies

Florenc Vavla, Laureta Vavla


The XXI century modern societies, are continuously being characterized by features that were inexistent in the past. One of the most prominent features is the rapid development of information technology and media. Nowadays, human life is interdependent in many ways by the media, by the information that we receive on a daily basis, mostly by the TV but also by other means of mass communication. The TV, the internet and the media, in general, are a core part of our life and not only it is impossible to live without them but on the contrary, humans become more and more involved in them. Based on the importance of the media and its role in the society, numerous scholars are focusing on studies aiming to achieve a correct, healthy and unbiased relationship between the media and the citizen. Media literacy is the discipline that aims at “illuminating” the realities which are unseen in this communication and which risk not to create interaction but interdependence of the society from the media. This can be achieved by orienting this discipline towards the pedagogical aspect of teaching, aiming at equipping the future citizens with the necessary skills and knowledge in regards to their relationship with the media.

Keywords: Media Literacy, media, education.

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