Use of Oral Contraception - Benefits, Risks and Ethical Dilemma

Rustem Celami, Enklajd Marsela, Emanuela Celami, Dorian Begaj, Silvana Çeliku


Contraception as a method to prevent pregnancy has been used since ancient time by many cultures. In Albania, the traditional withdrawal was the preferred choice for many years. Oral contraceptives were legalized in Albania in 1992 and have been distributed free at government health centers since 1993. Nevertheless, Albanian population has more confidence in traditional withdrawal than in modern methods of contraception, emphasizing how little couples know about family planning and the weakness of subsequent family planning education efforts. However, some ethical dilemmas and groups oppose the distribution of contraceptives. This piece of paper will be focused on the use of oral contraceptives, benefits, risks and ethical point of view.

Keywords: Contraception, family planning, education, benefits, risks, ethical dilemma.


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