Elona Hasalla


Tuberculosis is a disease known since ancient times. It is mentioned for the first time in the Code of Hammurabi in Babylon 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. Even in the year 5000, in Egyptian mummies were found tubercular injuries in the vertebral column. Tuberculosis is also known by the name white plague. By TB were affected not only poor people but also kings, politicians, doctors, scientists, artists, philosophers. From TB died the king of England Edward VI, King of France Louis XVII, Cardinal Rishelie, Napoleon II, F. Kafka etc. On 28 March 1882, the German scientist Robert Kok discovered the cause of tuberculosis "mycobacterium in of tuberculosis. Honoring the scientist the bacteria was called Kok. The branch of medicine that is concerned with the study and treatment of tuberculosis is called Pulmonology. It comes from the Greek word phthisis (to spit) and jatros (doctor). For this reason, doctors who deal with these patients were called pulmonologist. Later, the treatment of tuberculosis was included with those of other lung diseases.

Keywords: tuberculosis, bacilli Kok (BK), clinical signs, amnesia, etc.


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