Physical - Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis of the River „Drini i Bardhë‟ („White Drin‟)

Burim Haxhibeqiri, Ferdi Brahushi, Luan Daija


White Drin River and the environment around it, are very important to human kind, thus we, as a society, need to take good care of White Drin River and keep it is as clean as possible. Water quality in the basin of the
White Drin River comes from anthropogenic activities, mainly from urban leaks and discharges from sewage, agriculture, as well as discharges from industry and the various factors that carry out their activities in White Drin river basin. In this study is presented the current situation of the White Drin basin, especially in thirteen locations where other tributaries flow into it, as the river Klina, Mirusha, river Ereniku and river Lumëbardhi Prizren, in order to assess the quality of the Drin river basin. This study analyzed the
physical and chemical parameters, such as air temperature, water temperature, pH value, turbidity, total hardness, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, consumption of potassium permanganate, nitrates, nitrites, iron, manganese, ammonia, phosphates, etc. Water samples were analyzed in physical - chemical laboratory, with methods such as volumetric methods, atomic absorption method (AAS), spectrophotometric methods, photometric methods, etc. The objective of this study is related to the determination of the physical - chemical parameters that are presented in tables and diagrams, which show the level of pollution of the river, mainly from the tributaries that flow into it, the anthropogenic factor, the effects of pollution from sewerage, waste discharge, etc.

Keywords: White Drin, water quality, parameters, physical – chemical methods.

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