Analysis of Recursive Algorithms for Solving the Problemof the Tower of Hanoi

Eip Rufati, Burhan Rahmani, Biljana Percinkova


This problem is well known to students of Informatics, since it appears in virtually at the introductory text on the data structure or the algorithms, this is why it‟s one of the main examples in programming, it is known as the problem of Tower of Hanoi. The recursive algorithm calls itself with simpler input values, what the algorithm does to the current input it applies simple operations to the returned value for the simpler input, and which obtains the result for the current input. Well this is why the recursive algorithm is very famous and also why we chose to solve the problem with this algorithm, we minimize the problem and then we can solve the problem easier. In this paper, we will try to solve the problem with a recursive algorithm and to analyses the recursive algorithms of it. The paper deals with the problem of Tower of Hanoi and recursive algorithm of this problem.

Keywords: Towers of Hanoi, algorithm, recursion, analysis.

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