First Results of Proteomics Analyses in Blood Serum of Sheep in Albania

Jani Mavromati, Etleva Hamzaraj, Zef Gjeta, Eirini Mavromati, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Sophia Kossida, Emilian Shabani


Proteomics is a comprehensive study of proteins that focuses on their structure and function. After genomics, proteomics considered the next step for the study of biological systems. But it is much more complicated than the study of genomics, because the genome of an organism is more or less constant, while the proteome differs in different cells depending on weather and other factors that influence it. This science is of great interest in the fields of human and veterinary medicine. In our study, we were using the method of proteomics to see the quantity and the expression of proteins in the serum of sheep in the normal (physiological) status. The tests were conducted in Mass spectrometry Laboratory–GIGA - Proteomics, University of Liege, Belgium during November 2011. After the preparation of the samples in the laboratory, a differential proteomic study using a label-free LC-MSe method was conducted (nano-2D UPLC coupled to a Synapt TM HDMS TM MSe, Waters, Figure 1). The aim of this study is to create data regarding the number, name, size and the role of different proteins found in blood serum of sheep. These data will serve as a reference to compare the results that will be taken from the analysis of serum to be made to the application of various proteomics study in infected animals or in the study of response to immunizations by different vaccines in their prophylaxis program. In our samples, we identified 47, 45 and 49 proteins in Sheep NCBI database in comparison with 114, 105 and 128 numbers of proteins identified respectively in each sample pool from the reviewed mammalian database. These results need of course to be further investigated in different stress agents like biological (infection diseases), physical and chemical agents etc.

Keywords: Protein, proteomics, sheep, Mass Spectrometry.


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