Hygienical Factors of the Environment and Bronchopneumonia in Calves

Shefki Ajdini


Bronchopneumonia is problematic pathology especially in the farms of growing up to the calves which reared in groups and staying at byre.The level of temperature and relative humidity, quality and air currents into byre, type of floor as well as the residence of the animals and other factors, according to Jonathan Statham et al.(2013), constitute the most important environmental factors affecting the prevalence and severity of pathologies to the respiratory system in young cattle. The study was conducted at four farms and aimed to assess the extent of the impact of some environmental indicators in respiratory pathologies.To conduct the study there has been done the measurements of temperature, relative humidity, concentration of CO2 and NH3, for three months, three times a day to 3 days of the month.The data obtained were processed statistically. The impact of each factor was determined by simple regression’s equation and so factorial.The details were as follows: For the farm Besi: R2 = 0.46 (P = 0.052) and for the farm Leban-2, R2 = 0.07 (P = 0.36). At the farm Besi where the average temperature in the two years it has been in the first quarter of 9.46;11.05and 11.02oC and humidity 92%, 65% and 92.08%, morbidity was respectively 8.5%, 6.34%;7.81%.At the farm Leban-2, where like 4 monthly temperature was 10.38;13.44;11.99, 11.89oCand humidity 85.98;86.7;91.23 and 90.18% morbidity was found in 11:53;10.86;10.90 and 6.81%.

Keywords: pneumonia, temperature, humidity, CO2, NH3.

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