Socio-Linguistic Interpretation and Semantic-Grammatical Analysis of Macedonian – Albanian Idiomatic Concourses (Based on the “Macedonian – Albanian Idiomatic Dictionary” published in 2003 by the researcher Qemal Murati)

Elona Çeçe


The “Macedonian – Albanian Idiomatic Dictionary” published in 2003 by the researcher Qemal Murati has come as an evidence of linguistic cross-influences between Albanian and Macedonian. Based on the linguistic material of the dictionary (around 900 units) the aim of this study is to analyze the phenomenon of linguistic cross-influences based on these perspectives: a) Socio-linguistic interpretation of the phenomenon of linguistic concourses treating them as a result/consequence of possible linguistic transfers that are inevitably related with the communicative competence of the speakers. b) Semantic and grammatical analysis of linguistic concourses to discuss/argument that grammatical features (morphological and syntactic) or semantic features of these syntactic units have served and may serve as factors that will condition the later linguistic transfers from a language to another. From the interpretation and analysis we have reached a conclusion that these transfers are extended in the semantic plane represented by phrase-logical units equivalent with a certain part of speech (verb‚ noun‚ adjective‚ adverb) and proverbs where the syntactic constructions (simple/plain sentences (subject-verb) and periods mainly subordinate) follow a certain grammatical pattern of the link of the parts or units. The latter have happened because of the acceptance by most of the speakers and are influenced by the speech registers as well as the socio-psychological context.

Keywords: idiomatic concourses; syntactic construction; morphological value; somatic content; linguistic transfers. 


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