The Diversity of Decorative Clothing Popular Textile in the Highlands of Gjakova

Hajdar Danjolli


In this paper we will present the diversity of decorative clothing and popular textiles in the Highlands of Gjakova, which not only remains an area with a bulk amount of data, but the great work has been and remains the selection and harmonization of the data in order to avoid repetition and to create a whole perception within their beauty. Textile ornamental motifs are used to decorate traditional village houses or popular folk costumes. Colors are usually optimistic, emphasizing a rich world of contrasts giving a zest and significance not only the clothing but also the environment. The combination of motifs and maintaining their symmetry is done in such a way as to bring decorative diversity within a certain sense of fantasy and within certain vocations, which sometimes aims at simplicity and sometimes at complexity of the details. An endless range of colors in bold combinations that form contrasts and interesting approach to the presentation of these ornaments and motifs, give them proper splendor and importance. Carefully studying embroidery in the area of Tropoja and in the region of Dukagjin notice that they present interesting aspects of embroidery. It is interesting to note that this world was built on knitting yarns and their combinations, which form a diverse motif  base. In conclusion we can say that the decorative variety of popular clothing and textiles in the Highlands of Gjakova and their aesthetic function is associated with a creativity which is inherited from early days and followed in centuries to come today. A creativity that has continued, even though today is a little faded. 

Keywords: Wide variety of decorations, garment-textiles, colors, combination of motifs, the art of embroidery, ornaments and decorations, aesthetic function.


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