“Harmless” Laughter and Bitter Laughter

Anila Vogli


The complexity that characterizes the interrelation between “comic” and “laughter”, in life as well as in art, has attracted the attention of many scholars and art critics, during different eras and periods of time.Their findings differ from one another, at times welcomed or criticized, but nevertheless totally agreed upon or completely proved as true. This entire situation was created from the very specific nature of these notions on one side, and on the other from their renewed functioning in life and in art on the other, especially in scenic creative art. This is the scope of my essay as well, exactly to aim to enlighten the factors that will help us to better compare both kinds of laughter: “the harmless one” (the laughter caused by the
situations of everyday life), and “the bitter one” (with a clear function).

Keywords: laughter, comic action, comic, irony, humor.

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