Albanian Political Currents March-June 1913

Heral Saraçi


Ismail Qemali held confidential negotiations with the Duke Montpensier. Meanwhile, he thought to use the yacht to undertake a cruise around Europe with the purpose to protect the Albanian issue that was seriously threaten. The Austro-Hungarian Consul in Vlora, Lejhanec, reports that a group of Beys “outside the government, under the governance of Eqerem Bey Vlora formed the so-called opposition. On 23rd April, Esat Toptani handed Shkodra over to Montenegro. In general, the handing over of Shkodra was considered as a treason of Esad but as in this case and in other previous or later cases, he showed that was a prominent politician. In Durrës and Tirana showed up the Oxhak of Toptani family, with Hamit and Refik as representatives. During this period, even in Elbasan showed up the political current represented by Aqif
Biçaku, who was appointed by the Noble of that city and the Beys of two Oxhaks, Biçaku and Vërlaci, both agreed for the Head of the Government. Esad used as a political strategy the national flag and the guessing of his political rivals. The case Aziz Vrioni and Myfid Libohova is that of the formalization of the political lines in the institutions of Vlora Government starting from 1912. The disagreement between the minister-prefect is an evidence of their national values and of the feudal antagonism in the government. The constitution of the Sheh Islam institution headed by Vehbi Agolli shows the fulfillment of the religious, conservative, Muslim current. It is an achievement for the spiritual independence of the Albanian nation. On 23rd May 1913 the Albanian state had
established the central power and its institutional structure.

Keywords: Political currents, opposition, prefectures, noblemen, institutions.

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