Karshi City in the Period of the Bukhara Emirate

Eshtemirov Jasur


The article examines the political status, economic development and trade, everyday life and occupations of the urban population, its ethnic structure and composition, the name of mahallas and guzars, the development of the crafts of Karshi in the era of the Bukhara emirate. The system of city education, the activities of schools and madrassas of the city are covered. There are extensive information about the architectural construction of the city, the city fortress, madrasah and other architectural monuments. The negative consequences of the transformation of the Bukhara emirate into a vassal of the Russian Empire are shown.

Keywords: emirate, city, economic, cultural, architectural monument, city fortress, trade, handicraft, school, madrasah, Islamic religion, Russian Empire.

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DOI (PDF): http://dx.doi.org/10.0001/(aj).v6i9.1540.g2041

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