Akhmad Yassaviy and the Tradition of Hikmats

Mannopov Islombek Sultonalievich


The article is devoted to elucidating the matters of the tradition of hikmats composing in classical Uzbek literature under the influence of the work “Devonihikmat” by KhodjaAkhmadYassaviy. The tradition of hikmats composing began in XII century and continued till XIX century, which was substantiated by the sources where the hikmats by the disciples of AkhmadYassaviy as SulaymanBokirgoniy, Kamol sheik Ikoniy, Shams Uzgandiy, QulUbaydiy, Khodoydod, AzimKhodja had taken place. Hikmats are distinguished by their unique and peculiar way of composing and reciting. Since simple Turkic people could not use the sources in Arabian and Persian languages, hikmats became traditional in their life. Furthermore, hikmats had both an ideological and ethical purpose, which is shown through some poetic lines. They morally and ethically supported the people against invaders and disseminated the ideas of kindness, love to God, humanity and spiritual values. Therefore, the tradition of hikmats composing lasted for 7 centuries. Hikmats are the masterpiece of Uzbek literature, which needs thorough and comprehensive analyses. 

Keywords: traditions of khimat creation, perfection, spiritual and Sufi ideas, the Yassaviya order, khimat genre, tradition character (nature), succession.

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