Place of Basic Words and Phrases in Reconstruction of an Ideological Enthusiasm of Poetical Work in Translation

Salimova Dilnavoz Akmalovna


Issue about reincarnation of poetic enthusiasm in expressed in verse of translation is considered in this article. With a view to reconstruct an ideological enthusiasm in translation, the translator does not only feel objective existence of passion and emotion in the implication of the original, at the same time he analyzes with help of translation intellect and consciousness of ideological trend of this enthusiasm. Expression of enthusiasm in translation creates possibility consciously to transform a character of an author, emotional world of personality of a poet in a sense. In its turn, passion beginning to throb in the heart of a poet owing to enthusiasm becomes excited with the desire to create a work on the basis of the definite idea. Translation of poem titled “Vaqt” (“Time”) by the Uzbek poet Gafur Gulom which was translation into Russian by S.Somova, was chosen for the purpose to approach to this issue in the aspect of history of translation. 

Keywords: enthusiasm, ideological enthusiasm, basic words and phrases, poetical world of a creator, musicality.

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