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Science has a unique and important role in the economic, socio-political, spiritual, moral, technical and technological development of society. It plays a key role in formation and development of social and personal outlook, the formation and promotion of education and upbringing, the solution of ethical factors in the context of social needs, the formation and development of the management system, as a scientific locomotive in the physical, mental and spiritual development of man.The development of science occurs in accordance with the requirements of time and social order (requirements). Depending on the level of development of science, science and practice (production) come into a specific relationship. At present, the level of development of Uzbek linguistics requires the development of theoretical mechanisms for the effective use of linguistic researches in the native language. The focus  in expanding the use of our language is to ensure its practicality. It is obvious that modernity confronts us with new problems in linguistic policy and education, we must accept it as a social order, combine the methodology of research, methodology and methods with the requirements of this order. Nevertheless, there are a number of other features that make it clear that a particular stage in the spiritual development of each nation is unique. The study of these features plays an important role in the present era of the development of national self-awareness.Pragmatic approach to language as a new direction of linguistics considers language as a combination of possibility and reality.

Keywords: Language opportunity, speech realization, social need, substance, accidental, primary empiric stage, social enlightenment order (requirement), phoneme, morpheme, lexeme and models, sound, suffix, word, phrase, sentence, language factors, cooperation.

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