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Everything begins with a predetermined thought, so well planned in detail according to which activities will flow. Imagination is one’s ability to create a mental image, having a vision about the life, how it should be and what kind of life people are going to lead. In this paper I’ve tried to unearth the imagination of a boy since he was in his early years until he becomes mature about the environment, society and establishment of living a life as an artist, without limits, and to create his own actions from his soul. Also, it’s a great deal of his perception on women according to the main protagonist of the novel Stephen. Most of information is taken and analyzed from thoughts and writings directly mentioned in the book, of course, other sources on the same field were used for more reinforcement and to make it as completely comprehend. At the end of the work we will see that it’s the imagination which makes people go ahead and live a life adapting to the reality. The beautiful genre, women, have a great impact in our lives, as well, since we come to this world.

Keywords:  imagination, life, women, sex, family, character, personality etc.

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