Valdet Hysenaj


Socio-onomastics is defined as the sociolinguistic study of names. It focuses on name use in human interaction, i.e. topics such as variation in name use, why some names are avoided, which consequences a name can cause for the name bearer, how the name users themselves perceive their own name use, as well as attitudes toward names and name use. Such indications show how humans appreciate and overlook the over-estimated macro-social structures and the interactional aspects influencing social positioning. The naming of this period provides us with many arguments that the observed social variations are best explained by the parents' desire to identify their children with their names thus contributing to the creation of different models for society in which different social values and attributes are one important issue. In this context, the history and the theory of linguistics, social literature, stylistics, dialectology (territorial and social), onomastics, etc. should also be presented as a research interest.

Keywords: socio-onomastics, languages, borrowings, identity, etc.

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