Babadjanov Mansurbek Kurbanbaevich


Translation of works in translation to other language owners is an important and responsible task of the translator, with the preservation of the literary meaning of the work and nationality of the literary level. Therefore, it is necessary to use as many alternatives as possible to translate frauds from one language into another. Thus, strong emotionism, dyeing, and expression represented by phrasemes are full of translations. Otherwise, the artistic content may be damaging to the idea of the work. Sometimes there are cases when it is presented without the use of existing phraseme. The skill of the translator is expressed in the full text of the full range of language tools. In some cases, phraseme events and phenomena are being interpreted in a description method. The misinterpretation of translations in the translation may be harmful to the text. It is natural that uncertainty and misunderstanding exist in the mind. In this article, translation of the works by Rahim Fayziy "The great man" and Pirimqul Kadyrov's "Starred nights" from Uzbek into Karakalpak language, the interpretation of the phraseological units used in the original and the correct interpretation of their meanings in the process of their interpretation.

Keywords: phraseologism, phraseme, phrase, expression, comparative analysis, alternative variant, semantic association.


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