Ergys Hasa


The Eneolithic period in Albania is well represented in the settlement of Maliq and it is known as Maliq II culture. The material culture of this period is very rich and diverse, and it leads to a better understanding of the evolution of this culture in Albania. Maliq II culture has been the focus of numerous studies. According to material culture, especially pottery, the eneolithic period in Maliq is divided in two phases: Maliq IIa and Maliq IIb.

Maliq IIa phase relates stratigraphically to the pile dwelling habitation, destroyed by a fire or some burning event. The layer of Maliq IIb phase follows the Maliq IIa stratum without any visible hiatus. The typology of vessel shape is very diverse. The most common forms are the semi-spherical bowls, conical and biconical cups; vessels with elliptical mouth; conical vase with a handle below the rim; conical plates with inverted rim; handle cups; casseroles, fruit bowls; conical, cylindrical and “basket” form lids, and others. Similar to the vessel shape typology, the decorative variants of Maliq IIa and IIb phase are numerous as well: painted decoration (grey, red, white and graffiti), incised and punctured ornamentation, plastic decoration and fluting.

Keywords: Maliq culture, Eneolithic, pottery, decoration, chronology.

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