Kılıchov Nazarbay Radjapbaevich


In this article is analyzed the fact that the written monument “Oltun yorug’” which was translated from Chinese language into ancient Turkic language in the beginning of the X century, should be one of the bases of separating epochs of Turkic languages and the views regarding the theoretical aspects of separating epochs of Turkic language. Also, the structure of the text of the “Oltun yorug’” is one of the main proofs which show the relationship between ancient Hindus and poetry, the views of Abu Rayhon Beruniy about that are given in this article.

Currently, the type of synonyms which has been widely used in “Oltin yorug’”, the creation legality of absolute synonyms, the fact that the lexemes which have been still interpreted as the couple words in turkology, are absolute synonyms, the tasks of dialectal lexica in creating synonyms have been analyzed. The special attention is given to the legality and peculiarities in creating and using ideographic synonyms in the work, the meaning affections of these synonyms and using features in the context.

Keywords: dialect, lexical layer, ancient Turkic language, semantic-stylistic character, lexeme, synonymya, neutral words, linguoaesthetic character.

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