STYLISTIC WEALTH AND THE USE OF POPULAR PHRASEOLOGY IN THE WORKS OF CATHOLIC CLERICS WHO SURVIVED COMMUNIST PRISONS (“Rrno për me tregue” by father Zef Pllumi, “Burgjet e mia” by Dom Simon Jubani and “Çinarët” by father Konrad Gjolaj)

Pina Vata


Phraseology is the wealth of one’s nation where the artist's spirit and his admirable wisdom melt. During the communist period, in the absence of freedom of expression, the metaphorical subtext of phraseology remained the only way of communication among people, albeit quite dangerous. Phraseologies were used in the direct sense, but mostly modified according to the context, thus serving to create a figure that would enrich with dignity the lexical fund of any language and serve as a model of one’s own writing. On the other hand, phraseology and figuration that are used in these works bring rich information to the popular experience of a difficult period.

Keywords: sociolinguistics, stylistics, popular phraseology, metaphor.

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