Halil Dervishaj


Anton Pashku is one of the most important writers of Albanian literature. His writing model makes him special and important. By reversing the structure and the traditional writing of the time he brought innovation to his writings, becoming the leader of modernity among us. Through supporting folk language and phraseology, theme selection, narration, etc., he gained the nickname of the master of writing.

The marking title: The formative and semantic features of Anton Pashku’s novel, marks the object of this paper and the study's approach within it. Therefore, the subject of the study will be the novel “Oh”, while the study approach will be its formative and semantic features. Basically, the study approach of this paper will start from text markers as the first step to entering the text; the oral premodel as a figure and discourse, marking the substrate on which the roots of the works lie; the text layers, which, as narrative levels, keep the story and story-narrator connected to the text; themes grounding from history and modernity, as the "arena" from which ideas will be brought.  

All the aforementioned elements will lead us to the conclusion that: considering Anton Pashku’s novel “Oh” as a synthesis work, from which the threads of later scripts are also taken into account, but in which are seen the signs of previous writings, it follows that , this novel, is based on profound, consolidated, restructured, transposed, and materialized recent thoughts in the work.

Keywords: figure, folk language, modernity, history, narration, narration levels, etc.

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