Arianit Dodaj


The purpose of this paper is to reflect the resemblance between Latin, French and English vocabulary. The structure of this study consists of language derivation theories and vocabulary similarities which have been encountered during university studies. In general, the French influence in the English vocabulary will be explained through the Norman Conquest of England and the indirect influence of Latin through the ecclesiastical literature. Regarding the methodology used in the conduction of this research paper, the phenomenon has been treated using the descriptive and historical-comparative approach. Although being similar in spelling and equivalent in meaning, the words deriving from the vocabulary of the three languages resulted different concerning with pronunciation. Nevertheless, the integration of personal experience in the structure of the study has been made in order to support the framework of the study and to ensure the accuracy and the originality of the research. The paper is expected to be useful for future linguists or students of English language, helping them in understanding the relation and similarity of the vocabulary between these languages.

Keywords: resemblance, vocabulary, English, influence, literature.

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