Ravshanova Gulrukhbegim Kahramanovna


This article describes Abdulla Aripov's skill in creating comic characters. The importance of folklore and written literature is explained in this regard. The satire plays an important role in eradicating the social defects in society, and if it does not cure the emerging maladies of the humorous society, it will not eradicate them can be used to do this. The analysis of several poems by the poet reveals his satirical skills, style, and genre diversity. "Mashrab", "Life of the Poets", "Turgunbay", "The Brothers", "Hangoma", "The Third Man" and etc. through hundreds of satirical poems A. Aripov is well known as a satirical poet who mastered the mysteries of satirical and humorous images.  The Poet in the poetry of the poet shows some flaws and defects in the personality and activities of the people through comic strips, comic situations, symbolic images.

Keywords:  humor, art, laughter, satire, humor, method, image, legend, folklore, character, poetics etc.

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