Kholmukhamedov Bakhtiyar Farhodovich


This article comments on the lexeism of phraseological units in Uzbek linguistics. Examples of cases of stagnation and crossing phrases that are easily included in speech as a unit of language are described. Two semantic types of phrases based on the relationship between the meaning of a phrase and the meaning of lexemes in it were distinguished in the article: 1) phraseological integrity and 2) phraseological disorder. It has been observed that a meaning understood from phraseological units is a superficial, tolerable meaning and that it is a process of lexemization, and that the derivation of a complex meaning is an expression of conflicting meanings. A proper understanding of phraseological units is a logical mistake, exaggerating and exaggerating the action that was taken, and trying to explain the existence of common similarities and similarities that connect movements with the concept of a cluster. It has been argued that phraseological units are a product of the lexemization of linguistic units.

Keywords: phraseological units, lexemization, portable meaning, language unit, speech unit, lexeme, phrase, stagnation, phraseological unit, phraseological intersection.

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