Uncertainty, As an Essential Phenomenon in a Contemporary Society

Ardiana Hyso Kastrati


The study of uncertainty as an essential phenomenon in a contemporary society in general, particularly in the French society, is the goal of this work. An interdisciplinary approach that focuses on the 20th century main causes and historical, political and cultural factors, that may have triggered uncertainty has been used. This article offers an analysis of the main forms of uncertainty such as: the variety of contemporary individualism. In order to analyze this phenomenon from a literary and cultural perspective, this work studies the presence of uncertainty in the contemporary French essay. The contemporary writers chose essay as their favorite genre to understand the society and to communicate with it in real time. Two well-known essays representative of its own genre have been selected to illustrate the uncertainty in the 20th century as a human condition, as a characteristic of modern and postmodern societies.

Keywords: uncertainty, essay, individualism, ideology, post-modernism, contemporary, freedom.

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