María Saray Mallorquín Rodríguez


This work has been carried out in parallel with the doctoral research that I have carried out on the necessary professional competencies of a CLIL professor developed in the field of education, at the University of La Laguna. The aim of the research was to define and study the professional teaching competences required for a CLIL teacher in the current context of compulsory secondary education.

This paper aims to show a proposal on what principles are necessary in the training of the CLIL teacher. First, the three proposed principles will be set out and presented: the principle of integration which understands language, content and culture as closely related elements, the principle of updating, with particular emphasis on the continuing training to be acquired and renewed by teachers in a lifelong learning process, and finally, the principle of simultaneity according to which the educator must implement different professional skills and competences in a synchronised manner. Secondly, a brief introduction will be made to set a precedent for the creation and rationale of these principles. Third, definitions and descriptions will be provided to clarify exactly what these organisational principles are, which aim to regulate the competencies and skills that CLIL teachers must possess or acquire. Finally, the conclusions of the study on these principles and the necessity of this proposal will be presented.

Key words: CLIL, competences, principles, integration, teacher.

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