COUPLET ARTISTIC STRUCTURE IN TURKISH POETRY AND THEIR TYPOLOGY (as an example of Uzbek, Turkmen, Karakalpak lyrics)

Gaylieva Ogulay Kurbanmuradovna


This article deals with research peculiarities and typology of comparative examples and one of small lyrical forms of couplets in modern Uzbek, Turkmen and Karakalpak poetry. Usually in literary studies the term "small lyrical forms" is used when the poetic works are classified by attention. A special study of the peculiarities of small lyrical forms, genre construction, size and poetry, and in particular, research on the works of modern Uzbek, Turkmen and Karakalpak poets allows us to draw certain conclusions about the common and typological similarities between today's sister literature. It is worth noting that when looking at the emergence of small lyrical forms in modern Uzbek, Turkmen and Karakalpak poetry, the genesis of this phenomenon is directly related to the oral traditions of Turkic peoples, the sources of classical literature, and, most importantly, the experience of studying some modern small poems. Therefore, comparative research has revealed that the roots of binary poems in Turkic poetry, including Uzbek, Turkmen and Karakalpak poetry, rely on the experience of learning world poetry and the roots of oriental literature.

Keywords: couplet, artistic form, poetic method, content.

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