Siddikova Shokhida


This article discusses the linguopoietics of another's direct speech’s specific features are analyzed. The linguopoietic possibilities of another's direct speech are analyzed in the light of the views and considerations of the greatness and breadth of the literary provision. Researchers have rightly noted that “another's direct speech can be illuminated, this way of explaining and furthering the complex relationship between the reader-author and the character, especially for the reader to perform the function of visualizing the hero’s spirit. It is argued that the very essence of art, including artistic expression, is to convey to the reader and reader a feeling or feeling that the artist feels. In his non-fiction narrative the thoughts, worries, different attitudes and opinions of the hero of the work are described by the author, and the author's speech is accompanied by a combination of the hero's thoughts. At the same time, the mixed presentation of the author and other discourse is based on examples of the linguistic value of the linguistic value, providing the tension and dynamic of the literary image.

Keywords: another's direct speech, linguopoetic chance, another’s speech, literary image.

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