Majlinda Ismaili Mahmudi, Rilind Mahmudi


English language as an international language is used as a Lingua Franca in a global level. Albanian and English language belong to two different language families and they are therefore quite different in different linguistic levels. Despite of this, many words with English origin were borrowed into Albanian language and most of them are accommodated in a way that they are not considered anymore as words with foreign origin. Nowadays, as we live in the era of technology and Internet, the spread of English words is common, especially among young students. They use them as part of their communication between them, but not only. They encounter English words in their school books, and they hear English words at school, especially when talking to their friends. The problem of language change has the root in the inappropriate and uncontrolled use of the language by all Albanian speakers, especially by journalists, publishers and editors, who through their work have the ability to easily spread new words.

Keywords: Anglicisms, foreign words, elementary school students, teachers, Albanian language, English language.

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