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Jeton Rexhepi


Kosova and its social and cultural life during the years 1945-1990 is a summary of the pre-independence period of Kosova which is characterized by the miserable condition of the Albanian people in its northeastern area, Kosova where the post World War II Kosova is annexed as part of the new Yugoslavia, although with the appearance of the unification and socialist brotherhood and with the commitment of the Albanian people in the anti-fascist war it was expected a different treatment that didn’t happen, in the effort we have made in this manuscript is to point out as objectively as possible this phase of transformation of Kosova from a province and after a war that followed with the destruction of Yugoslavia, the political situation underwent changes sometimes for good and sometimes for bad for the Albanian people in the economic, socio-legal and cultural aspects.

Keywords: Province, Constitution, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kosova, Albanians, ARKM, KLA, NATO.

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