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Smamutova Shirin Azatbaevna


The article focuses on the issues of stylization in Karakalpak poetry during Independence. In the development of Karakalpak oral literature in the twentieth century, there are clear and concrete ideas about the transformation and revival of the traditions of folklore. People will focus on the skills of poets in the re-presentation of oral literature. The text is based on the scientific views of Russian, Uzbek, Kazakh and Karakalpak scholars on the development of folklore in the literature and its types.

Representatives of Karakalpak poetry during Independence, the poet H. Dauletnazarov, B. Seitaev, O. Satpayev were analyzed. The unique style and skills of the poets were revealed.

During Independence, globalization in society, the economic crisis, and so on, were thrown into the environment of folk traditions. The glorification of impartiality, patriotism, the difficulties in the transition to a market economy, the revival of religion, traditions, changes in art, culture, science and technology are not left out of the pen of our poets, their contribution to the development of folklore in poetry.

Keywords: development of folklorism, stylization of folklorism,  poetry during the XX century, views from the poetry of the independence period, new froms.

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