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Kenjaev Tulkin


In the history of XX century Uzbek literature, the literature of the national revival is the source of its scope, authenticity, complexity, many stages of research, the principles of interpretation and analysis. In this sense, it serves as a basis for the formation of certain methodological principles. During the observation of materials on Jadidism, it becomes clear that the history of literature, literary theory, new ways and methods of scientific research in literary criticism, the discovery of theoretical principles, literary and aesthetic concepts are closely linked with the study of Jadid literature. This article reveals that Wadud Mahmud is a researcher of Jadid literature. Wadud Mahmud's article "Turkish poet Ajzi" says that the issues of the nature and specificity of modern literature are interpreted according to the principles of science and objectivity. Wadud Mahmud considered the idea of Jadidism and its wide-ranging socio-aesthetic phenomenon as a limited phenomenon within a nation, as a cause of drastic changes in the literature, clearly understood and explained that it is a universal phenomenon, based on his worldview and beliefs. thus proving that the Jadid movement was a pan-Eastern phenomenon.

Keywords: National Renaissance period, literary and scientific heritage, Uzbek literature, period of independence, principles of comparison, modern literature, critic, manzuma.

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