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The sociality of science is manifested, first of all, in its humanity, in its service to the interests of human, in the facilitation of nature and society for man, that is, in the improvement or facilitation of the object of study. Until linguistics emerged as an independent science, it was part of the sciences of philosophy, and logic. When he broke away from them, he was surrounded by the natural sciences. This led to the view of language as a biological phenomenon, and linguistics as a science within the biological sciences. Although the science of linguistics gained its independence only in the 19th century and began to respond to the demands of the time within the framework of its own problems, it took on a social order and was engaged in its fulfillment in other disciplines. This can be verified on the basis of observation against the background of socio-political and cultural-enlightenment development.

Key words: sociality of science, independent science, sciences of philosophy, and logic, socio-political and cultural-enlightenment development.


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