Mannopov Islombek Sultonalievich


Hoja Ahmad Yassavi laid the foundation of Turkic mystical literature with his collection of poems called “Divani Hikmat”. Factors such as the influence of mystical literature in Arabic and Persian, the inspiration of religious songs in the oral works of Turkic peoples, the interest of Turkic peoples living far from cities in mystical-mystical ideas to satisfy their spiritual needs, the choice of oral poetry as the main means of propaganda. After Ahmad Yassavi, this tradition was continued by his followers. In the works of Ahmad Yassavi and his followers, there are motives that encourage wisdom and writing. The Manuscripts Fund of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan contains 175 manuscripts of “Divani Hikmat”, which include works by more than 70 Yassavi followers. There is a special literary direction in the history of Uzbek classical literature based on the creative traditions of Ahmad Yassavi, and Professor Abdurauf  Fitrat was one of the first to call it "Yassavi literature". When the scientist introduced the term "Yassavi literature" into scientific use, he meant that on the basis of the principles of tradition and succession there was a unique literary direction with its own creative style, theme and idea, features of literary genre and form, system of images. Yassavi literature was created on the basis of the works of Yassavi followers, such as Suleiman Baqirgani, Taj Khoja, Hubbi Khoja, Yusuf Bayzavi, Zangi ota, Sayyid ota, who lived and worked in the XII-XIV centuries. The study of the life and work of the representatives of Yassavi literature is one of the most important issues in Uzbek literature.

Keywords: wisdom, tradition of wisdom, Yassavi followers, Yassavi sect, "Divani Hikmat", didactic-philosophical content, manuscript, Yassavi literature.

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