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Merita Balliçi


The general meaning of a word is the representation of the type from it, in linguistic contexts and certain grammatical forms and this meaning is opposed to the individualized meaning, the separation of a unique item of the type, distinguishable from others. The general meaning seems like a grammatical meaning that is not formally sufficiently marked, but the indefinite articles and the suffixes, in addition to other grammatical meanings, can also express a general meaning in certain contexts.

A definite meaning of the noun is generally considered the meaning of the noun in the definite form and indefinite meaning the one of the indefinite noun. But how does the general meaning relate to them? Nouns with general meaning, whether in the indefinite form or in the definite form are meaningfully definite. Both the speaker and the listener know the class that the general noun marks. Despite the formal indefiniteness / definiteness, nouns with a general meaning are semantically definite.

Keywords: noun, general meaning, definite meaning, indefinite meaning.

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