Retrospection as a Soothing Balm: A Study of the Major Novels of Anita Desai

Chetna Sharma, Vijay Kumar Roy


Human beings always love their freedom like birds. When it is limited by some people in the family, particularly in the case of female, it leads to frustration. Consequently women start to feel neglected alone and don’t find themselves quite fit or comfortable in their present circumstances, even among their own people. They expect attention, love and care from their close people. But the failure of their attempt compels them to search for their own identity that has been lost taking on different roles imposed upon them by the family and society. At the result, they easily become victim of tension, worries, disappointment, anxiety, anger, indignation, depression and alienation. Consequently they take resort to retrospection. Anita Desai, through her women characters, explores all aspects of socio and psycho elements in her novels where retrospection plays a great role of a soothing balm.

Keywords: Women, alienation, patriarchal, insanity, depression, retrospection, soothing balm.

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