An Empirical Study on Quality of Hospitality Services in Durres, Albania

Brunilda Licaj


Albania has entered in tourism market lately. The factors of this delay were the isolation of the country for more than 50 years and also the government has followed the Marxist theory according to which the services do not influence in the increase of GDP. During the last two decades the tourism sector has been developed rapidly with the increase of the offer and demand and consequently competition in the tourism sector. The need for a competitive product has affected the approach to Service Quality in the hotels' area. The study is based on the rating of hotels supported by Servqual elements and a new method of measurement based on seven dimensions of quality QualMark.This dimensions are the factors that influence directly to the customer's satisfaction. This study based in 20 hotels in Albania, indicates that Albanian Hospitality industry need more attention and strategies to be on competitive sector in region. However, some recommendations and suggestions will be presented by which the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed methodology is expected to increase.

Keywords: quality, hospitality, dimensions, clients, satisfaction.

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